"What is more important to you? Getting the most money possible in your pocket when the deal is done OR paying the lowest commission?”

Years ago at the FedEx Memphis hub all the machines and conveyor belts SUDDENLY stopped working.

This was disastrous to business for 2 reasons:

1) All FedEx packages go to Memphis first and then get shipped out all over the world.

2) FedEx guarantees that it will be there when you need it the next day.

FedEx’s reputation and millions of dollars were on the line. So they called a technician to come in to see if he could fix it. The technician comes in and glances at the facility and goes to the centre beam and turns one screw a quarter inch. And like magic everything starts working again.

Now the founder of FedEx, Fred Smith was ecstatic and asked the technician, “What do I owe you?” The technician said, “$10,000.” Mr. Smith replied, “What $10,000? You were only here for less than 5 minutes.” The technician replied back, “Yes, it’s $10,000.” Mr Smith, thinking he could out fox the technician asked, “Can I see an itemized receipt?

“Sure, give me a napkin.” said the technician and he wrote an itemized receipt on the napkin. Fred Smith looked at the napkin, nodded his head and smiled and went straight to his office safe and got him $10,000 in cash.

On the napkin it stated: Turning Screw $1. Knowing Which Screw to Turn $9,999.

My Thoughts:

Obviously we all want to get the best deal possible and save as much money as we can and I totally understand that. However, in my business there are different levels of real estate agents and ultimately you get what you pay for. Just look at the real estate board transactions and you will see that in the year of 2013, out of approximately 38,000 agents, 79% did less than 5 deals in a whole year!!! This means that you are placing your biggest and most valuable asset in someone who might be doing this as a part time job for extra money.
“Just like a good accountant or a good attorney, a good agent will save you money… not cost you money.”